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NRC - National Registry of Citizens

NRC the process of civil verification started in December 2013 in view of the increasing population of Bangladeshis in Assam. Applications were invited for the state of Assam in May 2015. On 31 December 2017, the first version of the draft 'National Civil Register' (NRC) was released by the Government of Assam.

What Is NRC?

The National Registry of Citizens (NRC) is a registry maintained by the Government of India that contains names and certain relevant information for the identification of all genuine Indian citizens.
NRC Full Form - The National Registry of Citizens.

What is NRC in Assam?

The NRC in Assam is basically a list of Indian citizens living in the state. The citizens' registry intends to identify foreigners in the state that borders Bangladesh.

The process to update the registry began following an order of the Supreme Court in 2013, and almost 33 million people in the state had to prove they were Indian citizens before March 24, 1971.

The updated final NRC was launched on August 31, with more than 1.9 million applicants who did not reach the list.

What documents need NRC?

Apart from that, applicants also had the option of fallowing submitting documents-

List of documents A

For the inclusion of the names of any person in the updated NRC, applicants must submit any of the following List A documents issued before March 24 (midnight), 1971, where the name of oneself or ancestor appears (for demonstrate residence in Assam until March 24 (midnight), 1971):

1951 NRC

  • Election table (s) until March 24 (midnight), 1971
  • Land and lease records
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Permanent Residential Certificate
  • Refugee Registration Certificate
  • Any government. License / Certificate issued Government Service / Employment Certificate
  • Bank / postal accounts
  • Birth certificate
  • Board / University Educational Certificate
  • Records / legal proceedings

In addition, the following two documents are also accepted as supporting documents if they are accompanied by any of the documents listed above:

1- Certificate of circle officer/secretary of general medicine regarding married women who     
    emigrate  after marriage (maybe any year before or after March 24 (midnight), 1971)

2- The ration card issued until midnight on March 24, 1971, can be presented as supporting 

List of documents B

If any of the documents in List A is not of the applicant itself, but of an ancestor, that is, father or mother or grandfather or grandmother or great grandfather or great grandmother (and so on), the applicant must submit List B documents to establish a relationship with said ancestor, that is, father or mother or grandfather or grandmother or great grandfather or great grandmother, etc. whose name appears on List A. These documents must be legally acceptable documents that clearly demonstrate this relationship. Applicants must submit any of the following

 List B to establish the link:

  • Birth certificate
  • Land document
  • University Board / Certificate
  • Bank records / SCI / Post
  • Certificate of circle officer/secretary of general medicine in case of married women
  • Electoral census
  • Ration card
  • Any other legally acceptable document.

       NRC Website

NRC law will be applicable to entire India: Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha 

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